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Since then, Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4 have been released. For an example, I' m going to download some hair. The software on my Mac automatically unzips files that are zipped, but on PCs you might have to download.

Ideally it would act as a Time Machine backup as well as accessible storage — and great if it can support my two children for automatic backups of their machines one has a MacBook, the other a PC. Doesn't have to be madly fast - I'm not going use it as a video server, just music for my Sonos system.

But would need to be able to access it online. I do have a 2Gb Time Capsule from my old house, but it's not large enough for all my stuff now — but it could be used purely as a Time Machine backup for myself and my daughter. Can't help feeling it would be better to sell it to fund a decent NAS. What's my best bet? WD Cloud the latest ones? I'd rather not have to spend ages configuring it, and don't think I need any enterprise features.

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Thanks very much for any suggestions - need to be available in the UK I have had 2 Synology NAS and they have been great. I highly recommend them. I don't think you can go wrong with either brand.

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Your interoperability needs are broad enough that you might also want to look at posts in Other Hardware forum for more opinions on specific models and what not. Sulis wrote: Ideally it would act as a Time Machine backup as well as accessible storage — and great if it can support my two children for automatic backups of their machines… Not that you were going to, but I'd caution against relying solely on Time Machine. In my experience, compared to local TM backups, network TM backups are very flaky. I've read similar stories from other manufacturers leading me to believe it's the protocol itself that's unreliable.

Specifically, every so often, the volumes becomes corrupt necessitating completely new backups. I still use it. And it's definitely saved my bacon a few times. But I also backup via other methods. Going back to your question, I'd stick with Synology. They actively develop their software. It's about as user-friendly as you can get. Lastly, when considering the appearance of a device, remember that svelte, unassuming NAS devices might look the best, but they typically lack the options for expandable storage that their bulkier brothers possess.

Suffice to say that strong networks are essential in business — but equally essential is their ability to grow and scale, and scaling is as much to do with the security of data as it is total terabytes on a network. NAS in RAID are also used to address disk fault tolerance — knowing that if a disk fails, its data is preserved on a second disk — and performance, with additional drives to assist in data retrieval operations.

File sharing and access is important to every business. Coordinated projects that require multiple users to work from a single file, for example, are common in creative and marketing organizations.

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NAS file sharing is a much more convenient, secure, and practical than juggling files over email or the cloud. Not only do on-premise users have access, but remote users share equal access to essential files.

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NAS are also easy to manage. USBs both 2.

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For ethernet, a minimum of a pair of gigabit ethernet ports or 10 GB on high-end models is recommended, which can be configured to work in tandem to improve performance, bandwidth capacity, and failover i. More than anything, NAS is a cost-effective solution for data redundancy and backup, eliminating the need for elaborate and expensive network servers or on-hand network technicians.

Form factor usually relates to two essential factors: When considering the cost, read the fine print of each device to see whether the device is shipped with hard drive disks pre-installed or whether hard disks need to be purchased separately. Most devices offer enterprise support in the form of user account management, while higher end models may feature an onboard FTP service for greater file sharing flexibility.

Best simple home NAS for Mac + PC family?

Their models are enormously popular with Mac users, especially video editors and designers, because of their ease of integration, customizable storage capability, and functionality. Several versions are available, each offering with different number of drive bays — from two with 20TB of storage at 10TB a piece to eight and more. Drobo 5N2 http: Even if a natural disaster fries or drowns the electronics, the hard drives are deeply buried and protected, so data retrieval is always possible.

WD My Cloud Mirror https: It sports a slimmed down form factor with a white shell, and looks at home next to any Apple device. While it cannot back itself up, there are other options for NAS device backup through cloud and third-party providers, such as Acronis.

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Issues can arise when leveraging the convenience, ease-of-use, and user preference of Mac computers with NAS in Windows-based network environments. NAS devices often work in conjunction with Windows Servers and DFS for a single namespace for all shares, for example, and enterprise admins increasingly look to Windows-based environments for a cost effective and scalable network solution.

Heterogeneous environments in which Mac users work alongside Windows network servers and Windows users are plagued by compatibility issues. These include data loss, file corruption, loss of essential Mac features Spotlight search etc.