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Since then, Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4 have been released. For an example, I' m going to download some hair. The software on my Mac automatically unzips files that are zipped, but on PCs you might have to download.

I have applied the suggested steps from 4 and will post update tomorrow. Box Posted by nonix on August 16, at Have just installed the new OSX I believe this will fix the problem. Posted by nonix on August 17, at 4: I have two late iMac which I use for work. Same problems since installing Lion in both. After trying the most sensible solutions above I spoke at lenght to mac support over the phone. Their suggestion: Posted by Gianluca Latini on August 18, at 3: Posted by nonix on August 18, at 4: After Posted by furifuri on August 18, at 5: Got a new Mac mini last week, and it just killed our network.

Any wi fi connection would cause the Mediacom cable modem to drop its connection. Even wiring the Mac mini straight to the cable modem led to problems. However, the If the update did not cure your problems, try power cycling your cable modem, all routers, and restarting the computer several times. On our second restart, everything fell into place. Posted by Doctor Bart on August 18, at 9: I have it even worse. This morning, dead again. System information says WiFi is installed, but the icon dropdown once again says no hardware is installed. WiFi shows up on the Network preference panel, but there is no response when I try to turn it on from there.

Posted by Jeff Guinn on August 19, at 1: Posted by Chris on August 21, at 5: I have had a lot of problems.

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Tried all the usual but none worked for me. So I changed the channel on my Netgear from the default 11 to 5 and created a new Network on my MBA using the same channel 5. It is now ok. Even working after a restart and reboot. Fingers crossed. Posted by Mike on August 21, at 2: If any other find this resloves the problem, let us know. Mac OS X Lion My mew MacBook Pro worked perfectly on Apple Support had me do all the network changes described above, yet it still randomly disconnects.

Posted by neog8r on August 22, at 1: Like 44, I was having no issues until I installed the patch that was intended to fix wifi issues…. Posted by Blake on August 23, at 8: I experienced the same issue with a brand new iMac Mid pre-installed with Lion and still had the issue with the Posted by mindtec on August 24, at 2: Posted by Nico Nicomedes on August 24, at 4: Switch off automatic channel search 3. On Mac in prefs remove stored preferred network 7. Posted by nonix on August 25, at 1: My issue is different a little from that one on post.

Only when I restart my modem and wifi router the MBP get able to connect again. Posted by Pablo on August 25, at 7: Ive only 7days to return it in bestbuy. Hello, I have read nearly all the comments on this list. I also do have the same problem with Lion. Not only that my network does nothing at all, but all of the normal icons that are normally in the top taskbar does not exist anymore.

Also when i move the mouse to the upper right cormer i see the collard wheel turning all the time.

It is totally clear to me without any doubt that the problem in within Lion and that Apple does have to fix this with an update that solves all our problems. Posted by wim on September 26, at 6: I never had any problems with mij Wifi or other network problems. I work with Mac Book Pro with leopard with latest updates.

All problems with Wife and network began after installing Lion I have been busy for many hours with is. Had help from support site and did uninstall and reinstall twice but the problems are still the same. So Leopard is allright buy Lion does not work at all!!!!!!!! Posted by wim on September 27, at 4: Effectively this is downgrade of Atheros WiFi driver which seems to be ill on Lion to the version provided with Snow Leopard. In your home folder create two directories: Back on to your main system gain root access: Move cache file: Do this at your own risk, if you have no experience with command line and have at least some basic knowledge of Unix, I would suggest ask a friend.

I am not responsible if you Mac will stop working after following this steps. Posted by nonix on September 28, at 9: Posted by AleDegreg on September 30, at 2: Is anybody else running SugarSync? I shut it down for a few days and did not notice any wifi problems. Can anybody else check this out and report back?

Posted by Kornelis on October 1, at 2: I kept losing connection too. The second router is an air express with an ethernet connection to the main router The second router was set up as bridge to boost the signal to far corners of the house. It seems like I may have fixed the problem. I then fixed the channel on the main router to channel 1. There do not seem to be any interuptions anymore. Hope this helps someone else. We got Macs because they are supposed to be easy! Posted by oreow on October 16, at 6: Posted by mikele on October 18, at 5: Posted by Harold Briley on October 25, at Believe it or not, if you plug an ethernet cable in the back of the Mac - it doesnt have to be connected to anything else then wireless works fine.

Well mine has ever since i did that and the dropping was driving me insane before that. Hope it works for everyone. Posted by supersonic76 on November 10, at I too have had the problem since upgrading to Lion. I think I have just fixed it, but I could be a lucky, or b merely hopeful! No disconnection, and it automatically picks up my wireless network when it wakes up. Posted by Mat on December 11, at Posted by BobCanDo on December 24, at My ipod touch and daughters iPad2 work just fine. I would return the whole deal if Apple does not improve the drivers soon.

Just read these forums. I need this for work and cant beta test for these folks much longer. Will try plugging in the ethernet into the air as a last gasp effort. Not too happy. Posted by dave on December 30, at 3: Posted by Katch on December 31, at 1: Posted by josh on January 9, at 9: Posted by knoddix on January 10, at 7: Nonix 53 is correct. This is all tied to driver issue. This also affects some Broadcom version of drivers especially when upgraded to Apple says there is no issue but there is.

Posted by Daveo on January 10, at Posted by tony on January 10, at 1: Tried number 5. Seemed to work, but then left computer alone for a bit and put it to sleep. Upon awakening problem returned. Why might this be the case? Posted by David on January 17, at 4: Finally got this solved! I spent an hour and 45 minutes on the phone with various people at u-verse support to convince them to give me an alternate address, and the Tier II tech finally admitted it was a known issue with them and OSX.

Posted by Alicia on January 18, at 4: Same here on my iMac late After the upgrade from SL to Lion Apple please fix it!! Posted by Benny on February 4, at 4: Had the same problem. The problem is not the OS, the problem is the router probably has old firmware. Click the antenna symbol. Open Network Preferences. Select your wi fi connection then click Advanced lower right. Under Configure IPv6. Change from Automatic to Link-Local only. Click Ok.

Then click Apply. Posted by basilmir on February 5, at 4: Posted by Lance Cheung on February 5, at Posted by Shane on February 16, at 5: I can think about a whole lot of expletives, though. A return to the arrogance of the First Jobs Regime? Posted by Joe Rouse on February 17, at Finally I solved by going to System Preferences and opened Energy Saver and moved the sleep cursor for pc from 15 minutesto 1 hour.

No problems since. Posted by ham shields on February 22, at 5: Update Mac OS X I did everything but my wifi remains drop down. None of those solutions works to me. Posted by will on February 23, at I have this too, on two computers both with lion. My wife still uses snow leopard. No problem at all. This started immediately after installing lion but does not affect other devices, just lion.

What a rip off. Posted by Austin Smith on March 4, at 2: What happens is, sometimes my mbp crashes and the internet stops working, so I try to reboot it a few times and just leave it for a few hours, or sometimes days. It comes back working by itself, so I never take it to the store. The only problem is when I am in a middle of something important, as a conference meeting yesterday.

Could not get back. My boss is very pissed. Any solutions for reinstalling the wifi hardware, please contatc. Posted by Mathias on March 8, at 9: I was advised by apple to wait for future updates to see if they may rectify the problem! So hence my mac went back for refund!

connection timeout occured on mac

Apple this is pathetic! A computer with practically non existent wifi is like a car with no wheels! Out of Curiosity, how many of you having this issue are in a multi AP environment. Just asking as since Posted by W Pitt on March 18, at This works because keeps trying to find the best router and subsequently drops the signal finding new ones. Having terminal constantly ping a website prevents this. Posted by Marie on March 27, at I reset my router as well and made the channel static to I am not sure which one of these was more reliable but I think WEP is the main culprit.

Posted by nyrulez on April 4, at Try unplugging your airport express , wait 30 seconds then plug it back in.

Cured my dropoffs! Posted by Phil George on April 18, at Posted by Murtaza Jafferji on April 21, at 6: I have deactivated it, but wifi problems are still there. It worked find up until about 2 months ago, this issue where out of the blue the internet connection would drop, I would reconnect and everything went ok, but this became a frequent problem, and it never happened on somewhat of a schedule, sometimes I would reconnect a couple of times a day, others 10 times a day.

After reading several forums, I decided a few days ago that reformatting would fix things, IT DID NOT, after half a day spent on reinstalling everything, I came upon this one, and read the 3 options, went with option 1, and 2 days later, all is well again, no issues.

Wireless on OS X 10.8.2 - "Connection Timeout" (Mac Mini 2012)

Posted by Gabriel S. Posted by Scott H. I am using Lion Two more things: Before the fix, I have unstable pings to my router, the time varies from 40ms to ms. But after I delete the file and restart, the ping time is around 1ms. Give it a go, until the problem it is fixed, it might work. Posted by marco venzon on May 27, at 5: Choose also a free channel to avoid interference. Posted by Valentin on May 29, at 4: Posted by Mark Lowe on June 23, at 7: I was having the problem after upgrading, and followed the February update solution- deleted all network passwords in keychain, restarted, etc.

These steps temporarily resolved the issue but the problem reappeared by the next day. Back to square one.

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Posted by Carolina on August 1, at I tried most of the fixes described, and some worked for a short time. What seems to have eventually fixed it been 3 days now OK , was a link I found, cant find it now, but seemed a good one, because it described the problem in OSX. The fix is to make sure you have software updates. Hope it works for you guys still struggling out there, for a minute I thought I was going back to WIndows….. Posted by Pete M on August 7, at 8: Can someone please describe, in detail, exactly how to configure this problem…please? Posted by Ismael on August 21, at 4: Posted by quinsy on August 21, at 9: I found out that my Android device which was also conntected to the WIfi was a type 11g and that whenever it used that wireless it made the laptop, which are type 11n, drop.

Now I have stopped using the Wifi on my phone and the issue has stopped. Posted by Benjamin Cerigo on September 27, at 5: Wondering why we're talking about something other than iPods? Check the Archives: Backstage has been here and kicking it since All Rights Reserved. Terms of Use Privacy Policy. Audio-Technica features new line of true….

Mac OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion

Grovemade introduces Apple Watch Dock. Audio-Technica debuts new Audiophile headphones…. Very frustrated. Any new ideas? You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

Mac Airport Wi-Fi wackiness: ‘connection timeout’ | Leaves caution behind

You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Sign up. Leaves caution behind. Skip to content. Mac Airport Wi-Fi wackiness: At one stage, there were a couple of things that seemed to help: The solution What DOES work for me now, when faced with the mysterious failure of my Macbook to connect with a perfectly healthy, visible network, is to open Network Preferences, and to switch locations.

Good luck with this. Update 16 July Having blogged this solution, it stopped working shortly afterwards. Update 2 6 September Neither of the solutions listed above ever worked completely and satisfactorily. Like this: Like Loading This entry was posted in General. Bookmark the permalink. September 21, at 2: David says: September 21, at 4: Al Polidoro says: October 27, at Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Email required Address never made public.