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Since then, Sims 2, Sims 3, and Sims 4 have been released. For an example, I' m going to download some hair. The software on my Mac automatically unzips files that are zipped, but on PCs you might have to download.

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Click here to learn more. It is not totally understood what is happening, but it is not uncommon for Time Machine to get additional files from the Apple website before restoring a Time Machine back up. Usually these files are to do with the recovery partition on the Time Machine or the Disk Utilities page. In our tests, we have found Apple has separated out the OS and the data.

The bad is for customers that have installed an older macOS, such as Lion, via internet recovery. Rebooting off Time Machine Time Machine does not have a recovery partition, however you can use it to restore your Mac or install a new macOS. This loads the boot manager and you can see all drives attached to the Mac.

The Time Machine should display as an external drive. Select it and the Mac will build a macOS Utilities page that will have Disk Utility to initialise a new drive or erase a current drive and install a new macOS. We have written about this before: If you have a mechanical hard drive and have upgraded to High Sierra or Mojave, most of the time this drive is formatted as Extended Journal.

It will name the SSD the same as the old hard drive even if it is preformated and named different and it will format the drive as the same as the one on the Time Machine, which is usually Extended Journal. This is the problem. Currently we have two work arounds.

MacBook Pro 13" (Mid 2012) SSD & RAM Upgrades - IMNC

The easy one is clone the drive do not restore from Time Machine. Time Machine will restore the data but not overwrite the new OS. When you restore from Time Machine it restores everything including the disk name. It is the disk name duplication that kills me every time. You erase your new SSD, give it a clever name like Ernie because your current hard drive is called Bert. What happened to Ernie? Ok, I know, you can go and rename the drive to Ernie but what if this is a second drive.

Both drives are called Bert, how do you know which one is which? It is important, because you need to set the new SSD as the start disk in preferences. You can not rename the drive in disk utilities but you can change the name on your desktop. So go to the desktop, you will see two drives, both with the same name. You can click twice on the name slowly and it will highlight so you can rename it.

Then go to Disk Utilities see which drive you changed. That way you can work out which is the new SSD and which one should be renamed Ernie. We have recommended Diskmaker X in the past but the method we outline here is the recommended method from Apple. For High Sierra click here. If you have already downloaded and upgraded to Mojave or High Sierra you will need to download the MacOS you want again Apple deletes installer once it has been used.

It does not have to be a super fast USB 3. It does not have to be a USB. You can use an external hard drive note: You can erase and rename. The MacOS creation method will reformat the drive, so it does not need to be any specific format type like Fat32 or Mac Journaled. What is important is the name of the drive, as it is used in the code below. We are going to use the command line app called Terminal to create the MacOS drive.

Don't worry if you have never used it, it is very easy, not that scary. Open Terminal, it is found in the Utilities folder in Applications. Copy this code: Paste the code you copied into Terminal and hit enter. It will ask for your system password usually the one you log on with at start up. Type Y and return when it asks if you want to erase this drive.

When it is finished creating it will display "Copy complete". You can close Terminal. Select and hit return. You do not need to select a network. Go into Disk Utility, Erase and name. Proceed to install macOS.

Should you buy a SSD for your Mac? - MacInfo

Please note Apple have added a new format type in High Sierra and Mojave. When you get your new SSD it is uninitialised. This means it can be used in a Mac or PC. It needs to be initialised before use. In the PC world they call this formatting the drive. In the Mac world it is called Erase and it is a function of Disk Utilities Disk Utility is a tool included in many places. It is found in the Utilities directory in Applications.

It is included in any macOS install app. It is also a part of the Internet Recovery boot up. There are many reasons why you would want to erase a drive, this guide is focused on initialising a new SSD, however for readers who are looking at general information we have added the following warning Erasing a disk will delete all data on the disk. I know that sounds obvious but you would be surprised with the support calls we get: Four steps to initialise a new SSD.

When you start Disk Utility, in the sidebar are the drives attached to the Mac. Select the disk name, not the indented volume name. There are two to three fields that need to be selected. Please note: We recommend WinClone by Twocanoes Software. It is commercial software requiring a license to use, however it is not affiliated with our company and that is not an affiliate link.

Before cloning, the SSD needs to be initialised, if that has not been done, please follow our instructions above. The process is really only two steps When the download is complete, install in your Applications folder. Double click on the SuperDuper! Click Copy Now to begin. You will be notified when it is complete. Is the SSD the same physical size as my current hard drive?

What benefits and challenges does this pose for users?

Both the standard Apple Macbook and Macbook Pro hard drive are an industry standard 2. They are physically exactly the same physical size. Does the Macbook Pro use a standard M. It is only standard in it's physical size. A standard M. Apple has made their drives proprietary. Are the 2. All our current SSDs are the same speed and quality. The GB is as fast as the 2TB. Do I need a bracket to install the SSD? Can I do this install myself? We have had customers of every type of experience: It is only slightly more complicated than a RAM upgrade.

Do I need any special tools? For the pre models you need a small phillips screwdriver and a Torx 6 screwdriver. These are standard tools, found in many kits and available at hardware stores like Bunnings. Everything you need is in our screwdriver tool kit. The Aura SSD kits include all the tools you require. Can I clone a bigger drive onto a smaller SSD? The cloning software we recommend does not selectively clone. It is all or nothing. Does the hard drive and the SSD have to be the same size? As long as the source current hard drive has less data than size of the new SSD. What size SSD should I buy?

What Macs Hard Drives Can You Upgrade?

It all depends on your work flow and how much data you store and delete. Can SuperDuper! We recommend Winclone for this type of clone. If you have read or downloaded this guide in the past, you might want to know what has changed, how have we updated this guide. February Updated dates for server download error.

Added work around for the El Capitan corrupt error: January Fixed wording that sounded like we give you a free cloning cable. Cables must be bought separate. You can only clone. We are troubleshooting installs everyday, and updating information on these pages. It appears a lot of issues revolve around updated EFI. Please check your EFI before doing too much troubleshooting. Added two new topics: January We added information about Time Machine recovery partition. December Updated scripts to High Sierra. View Cart 0 items My Account. Four R method: Time Machine.

Cloning Any MacBook Pro released post that comes with a Touch Bar a secondary touchscreen that sits at the top of the keyboard , has an embedded SSD drive, which means it cannot be removed or replaced. So, if you wish to have access to more storage, you will have to buy an external hard drive, or just opt for cloud storage services. Great, you think. Unfortunately, nobody makes SSDs that are compatible with the newer versions of MacBook Pros anymore that includes entry-level.

Whether or not to buy the MacBook Pro would be completely based on user need. It seems to be just a way to ensure that MacBook Pro users have to upgrade their laptop more often, rather than upgrading the storage. Lost your data on your MacBook Pro?

Should you buy a SSD for your Mac?

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